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Missy had NO VOICE…

When Missy’s papa died in December 2016, Missy and her brother had nowhere to go. Their human never left any provisions for them, trying to keep them from going to a shelter, a very special lady took it upon herself to try to find Missy and her brother a forever home. Missy and her brother were fully vetted and placed in a foster home where there were lots of other pets. Her brother began to adjust yet Missy just hid. No one knew anything about them, they had NO Voice. Smokey stayed there, but Missy needed a new place, because she was not adjusting well. My good friend Marcie called and asked me if I could step up and help. She believed Missy just needed a quiet place for a while. She was just so sad she missed her papa. If only her papa had left some information on them but there was nothing. I had to at least give this poor girl a chance to recover. When she arrived, she took right to me, curling up around my neck. I was just so surprised at all the love she displayed, as if she was thanking me, we sat, visited, and you could see she was tired, after all she had been at the vet all day for, teeth cleaning.

It was late, so I gave her good petty’s and hugs. I let her settle in, giving her time to explore, and hoped she would eat. You see, I have 8 other kitties in the house, and all are looking for attention. Of course, they know there’s a critter on the other side of that door. Throughout the night, I kept visiting Missy, talking to her and trying to make her as comfortable as possible, wishing I had some clue as to her wants and needs. The next day, I was talking to her, cuddling her, and was wishing her Human would have left some information about her routine, yet there was nothing. Missy had NO VOICE. As we were getting to know each other, I promised Missy I would do everything I could to be her forever Voice and to make sure she had a beautiful forever home. I promised her I would find a way to give every Critter a Voice through their human. A few days later through friends networking, we found a forever home just before Christmas. Joan was a friend of my neighbors and was looking for a fur baby. The moment Joan saw Missy it was a given, Missy had her forever human. You see, Joan had lost her fur baby due to old age. Missy lost her human for the same reason. They were meant for each other, Joan and Missy are forever together. Missy’s new mom says Missy is a true blessing and is very much a talker.

ALL BEAUTIFUL CRITTERS is dedicated to making sure All Critters will have a forever Voice.

Please “SPEAK THEIR VOICE” before its too late.

Speak Their Voice

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